Re: 4040

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-20 13:33:10

Hallo Ruud,

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> I'm not at home right now so I cannot check the manuals. The difference
> between the 3040 and 4040 is the number of sectors on a some tracks.
> Therefor I thought that I would find at least different images for these
> machine, not only different DOS-versions.

Different images? Do you mean disk images? There's no software except prlink
that supports 2040/3040 disk images, and prlink only supports it because it
supports any disk format on its own drive. No support for 3040 disks in a
4040 or 1541 :-( 

Sometimes I take old DD 5,25" disks from the university trash home with me,
if they still look good. Mostly I only take the 96/100tpi disks for my 8250
drive, but sometimes I also take others. Once I took a big heap of disks with
me and stuffed them into different drives to see if there was still data on
it. I think they were also marked 96/100tpi, so I first put them into my PC,
but it didn't recognize the disks. Then I put them into the 8250, but still
nothing. Finally, as a last test, I put them into the 1541 and had a
directory! One of the disks had no files and showed 670 blocks free, so these
were DOS1 disks. I think I sent one sample disk to Andre Fachat, because he
was working on converting a 1541 (or his IEEE 1541) to use the DOS1 format,
but I have no idea if he ever proceeded with that.

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