Re: C= parts: Amiga ROMs

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-13 23:38:18

> > And about the Amiga-talk, I don't mind.I do have some of my own
> > but due to lack of time they just lay quite in a corner. In this way I
> > learn something without touching them.
> I can understand you.
> I have got an Amiga (the 600) since 1993, but only in the last three years I
> learnt how to use it like a real computer and not like a game-only machine.

Ready to offer assistance/suggestions. I use only "real world" Amigas, not
heavily hot-rodded PowerPC'ed kinky assemblies that are on the road
nowadays. Having put a 68020 into a 2000 was quite a big jump to me... :-)


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