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From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2000-12-13 15:30:02

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> Hallo Daniele,

Hello Ruud,

> I'm suprised and very pleased to see that not all youngsters only go
> for the Gameboy or those other JAP-gameconsole's. I hope you
> will be "C= infected" as long as I am.

Eh, eh, eh :-)
In fact, I havent't got ANY Gameboy, Playstation or something that likes a
I am "C= infected" (^__^) since 1990, when a cousin of mine gave me his old
computer (he was buying the Amiga 500): the Commodore VIC 20.
It was my first computer and I was amazed by it (I was only five years
old!). My father bought for me some remnant games at a very low price (Pac
Man, Centipede, Robotron 2084 and similar games) and I enjoyed them a lot.


Now, I'm primarily using a PC but my first love is the VIC 20 :-)

> And about the Amiga-talk, I don't mind.I do have some of my own
> but due to lack of time they just lay quite in a corner. In this way I
> learn something without touching them.

I can understand you.
I have got an Amiga (the 600) since 1993, but only in the last three years I
learnt how to use it like a real computer and not like a game-only machine.

> Groetjes, Ruud (41)

Hey, see my sign: I want to remain "infected" for a very long time...

        Daniele Gratteri (
         (ICQ N 53943994 - FIAT1100D in IRC)

                  CBM & AMIGA FOREVER!

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