Re: free stuff in Italy (was : stuff going free in u.k.)

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-13 23:15:59

> > There's something interesting for
> > the VIC-20 on the two issues of POCKET PET magazine I photocopied from the
> > Cremona public library. You could like more the whole copies of those,
> > than just the articles about the VIC; just let me know.
> It can be interesting, yes.

As you have also a real 8032, it indeed can be. It's one of the very few
documentation sources in Italian.

> Can you tell me more precisely what about the VIC is in these copies?

WHOA! I was too much an optimist. Issue 2/3 seems covering the PET series
only, except a report of the second International PET show, where the
VIC20 was also shown. Issue 4/5 has a simple program for the VIC20, a
brief map of useful memory location and an official parts listing (i.e.
VIC1010 was an expansion cabinet). The rest of this bunch of photocopies
(about 64 sheets) is PET, PET and PET again. Kernal entry points, hardware
modifications, various chronichles and obviously programs. I strongly
recommend these ones if you're an active Italian user of PET.

> (I was too young...)

OK, no problem. I'm sure we can organize a different exchange. Let's
talk about this, staying out of the list: I have the nasty impression I'm
bothering already a lot, and don't want to.


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