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Date: 2000-12-11 17:37:00

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> No, not quite true. (but a 1M KS would be hackable when its
> available!)

The sockets for the ROMs (on my A600 and A1200) have got two unused pins,
making these computers read for a new KS!

>  The 3.1 kickstart is also 512K.  The cool feature being that the
> datapath to the roms is 32bits wide!

Yes, I was in error.

> Kickstart being spread accross 2 x 128K x 16bits chips = 512K.

So, on the A600 the KS chip is 256K x 16bit = 512Kb?

> Thus an A1200 has a data path twice as wide (32) and twice as fast
> (14Mhz) as A500-A1000-A2000 models, but still 512Kbyte.

Only the Kickstart 3.2 of the Walker prototype was 1Mb, I think.

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