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Date: 2000-12-12 20:14:09

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> I might simply think that the A500+ was modified _in_ a Commodore
> Service Center (isn't the KS1.3 an original C= part?) to run games, on
> demand by its first owner. Changing the ROM with an earlier type doesn't
> void the warranty, especially if the modification was made by an
> authorized serviceperson. So, another silver sticker was placed.

Ricapitoliamo (pardon the Italian word...):

I'm a young boy (15 years old).
The owner is younger than me (10 years) and he hasn't a minimal concept on
the Amiga "computer", but he is using it only as a game machine. He bought
his A500+ NEW, not used.
He doesn't know the meaning of Kickstart, Workbench, etc.
I also asked to his parents and they replied that the computer was always at
home, never in a service center.

> Another possible hypothesis is that the original 2.04 ROM went
> flaky after passing QC, and that it was replaced with
> "any-suitable-chip-and-quickly-sucka!" after the machine first turned red
> for the shame. Same result.

Yes, that's possible.
Another strangeness is in my CBM Model 8032-32B: in the Canonical List I
found that the 32B is an 8032 in an higher profile case and I saw some
photos on the Internet of those 8032-32Bs with an high case.
But th one I'm owning have got THE SAME low profile case of a normal 8032...

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