Re: C= IC's (3)
Date: 2000-12-07 22:46:45

Hallo Nicolas,

> thanks for the updated list, it is growing into a useful database. but
> I'd like to see some more information in it, like some chip types of
> ROMs and more official machine names. E.g. a better name for the
> C128D-MC would be C128DCR,

OK, MC was my abreviation for "Metal Case" by lack of anything better when I 
started the list.

>  and the C64-II would be a C64E. 


> Board assembly number names would be even better of course.

I know someone described all boards once on this list (maybe two years ago). I 
am sure I saved this mail. But I cannot find it anymore :( 
But I would prefer something like C64A above 201470 REV A.

> > 251104-04               kernal rom                   E000-FFFF   C64 SX
> >                                                                  C64 DX
> Chip type? Probably a 2564 Eprom?

Where the chipcode is not given, I simply don't know or are not sure enough.

> > 251257-02A                                                       SFD-1001
> Chip type? Used as? I think this is a 2716 or 2732 Eprom used as
> Controller ROM F000-FFFF on the 6530 daugtherboard.

This info came from Pasi's list. But he only mentioned the number and the fact 
that it could be found in a SFD-1001. And I don't have one so the rest has to 
be filled in by someone who is so kind to open his SFD-1001 and to give the 
rest of the info.

> > 325572-01               gate array                               1541-II
> If I'm not mistaken, this is the gate array of the 1541 and the 1541A.

Correct. Typing error, sorry. I just opened a 1541-II and here I found the 

> > .           6529        28p version of 6525                      1551
> No, this is wrong. The 6523T is the 28pin version of the 6523, which in
> turn is a crippled version of the 6525. 6523T is used in the cartridge
> paddle of the 1551. The 6529 is a small PIO chip (18 or 20 pin?) as used
> in every 264 series machine.

OK, this one is also on my account.

> > .           8520        CIA alike, 2 MHz
> Only the 8520A is 2MHz. In Amigas it is clocked below 800kHz, IIRC. For
> the 1570,1571 and 1581 the 8520A is needed.
> > .           8565R2      VIC-II                                   C64-II
> VIC-II PAL (8562 is NTSC version))
> > .           8566R3      VIC 40 columns                           C128
> PAL as well. NTSC is 8564.

Will add these as well. Ich danke dir.

Groetjes, Ruud

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