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From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-07 16:07:33

Hallo Ruud,

thanks for the updated list, it is growing into a useful database. but
I'd like to see some more information in it, like some chip types of
ROMs and more official machine names. E.g. a better name for the
C128D-MC would be C128DCR, and the C64-II would be a C64E. Board
assembly number names would be even better of course. I will just give a
few more comments on this list here:

> Partnumber  Chipcode    Contents                     Address     Used in
> 251025-01               RF MODULATOR                             C64

Which one? I know two different types for the C64, and another one for
the C64-II (to use your C64 naming). Probably PAL, but this should also
be written in the list.

> 251104-04               kernal rom                   E000-FFFF   C64 SX
>                                                                  C64 DX

Chip type? Probably a 2564 Eprom?

> 251257-02A                                                       SFD-1001

Chip type? Used as? I think this is a 2716 or 2732 Eprom used as
Controller ROM F000-FFFF on the 6530 daugtherboard.

> 251916-01               RF MODULATOR                             C128

The same as to the other modulator applies. Is this the same as in

> 318072-01               GARY (floppy and misc. logic)            A500
> 318072-02               GARY (floppy and misc. logic)            A500

These should be revisions of the 5719? And while I don't know much about
Amigas, thought floppy was covered by a CIA and the Paula chip.

> 325572-01               gate array                               1541-II

If I'm not mistaken, this is the gate array of the 1541 and the 1541A.

> .           5710        CIA-like chip                            1571CR

Not exactly. It is also the MFM controller and the memory decoder. I
seem to remember Mr Levak's good overview of this chip a while ago.

> .           5719

See above, should be A500 GARY.

> 600422-75               LAG570 MOTOR CTRL.                       1541C

It's the motor controller of the Newtronics D500 drive mech, which was
also found in the 1541 and 1551. The 1541C was also shipped with Alps
mech, so 1541C is not appropriate.

> 604010-07               PCB ASSY MOTOR CTRL.                     1541C

see LAG570.

> .           6529        28p version of 6525                      1551

No, this is wrong. The 6523T is the 28pin version of the 6523, which in
turn is a crippled version of the 6525. 6523T is used in the cartridge
paddle of the 1551. The 6529 is a small PIO chip (18 or 20 pin?) as used
in every 264 series machine.

> .           8520        CIA alike, 2 MHz

Only the 8520A is 2MHz. In Amigas it is clocked below 800kHz, IIRC. For
the 1570,1571 and 1581 the 8520A is needed.

> .           8565R2      VIC-II                                   C64-II

VIC-II PAL (8562 is NTSC version))

> .           8566R3      VIC 40 columns                           C128

PAL as well. NTSC is 8564.

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