Partnumber and device list

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2000-12-08 14:29:51

Hallo allemaal,

Yesterday I took two the same C64-boards of the shelve to check the IC´s.
Small suprise: one was equiped with the well known 74-TTL IC´s, the other
with Mitshubishi´s 77xx equivalents. This caused me to think about changing
the layout of the device document AND the partnumber list.

New layout of the device document:

Code: C64A
PN:      202479 REV A
Assy Nr: 123000
Code  Address    Short description      Partnumbers(s)
U1    DC00-DCFF  Video PAL              74LS19, M5344P

Code: C64E
PN:      202479 REV E
Assy Nr: 123456
Code  Address    Short description      Partnumbers(s)
U1    DC00-DCFF  Video PAL              74LS08, M5320P
(The above is just an example how it could look like)

About the code: using the PN as identification sounds nice but if someone
tells you you find IC XXX on 234765-01 do you immediatly know which C= he
means? Of course I want to use generally accepted codes first.

About the U-codes: I won't specify them all immediatly the first time I'll
make the list. Reason: a lot of work, especially for the PET's and CBM's
which have a lot of standard TTL-IC's.
Any help is appreciated of course. I do have an A500 but I am not familiar
with Amiga at all. So if one or more persons volunteer to do these machines?
Same for the CBM 500, 600 and 700 series. Same for MMF 9000.

The next idea is to drop the last two columns of the partnumberlist. If
needed one can search in the device document where and in what addressrange
the IC is used. Instead I want to use a column to describe the package of
the IC. I don´t know if there already exists an international method to
describe a package. If it does, can we use it?
If there is not such a method, what code can we use?
- We have plastic and ceramic packages                          P C
- We have several forms:
   - DIL (like 6510)                                            D
      The width of a DIL can vary
       - 3 * .1"  like 7406                                     3
       - 4 * .1"  like 6550                                     4
       - 5 * .1"  like 6510                                     5
       - 6 * .1"  like 68000                                    6
      The length of a DIL can vary
      The spacing between pins can vary: 251715-01 of C64-II    S
   - square (like 8371)                                         S
   - rectangular (used by C=, maybe Amiga ??)                   R
   - zip (AFAIK not used)                                       Z

Codes could look like:
6569R1         CD5-40
6569R5         PD5-40
8722R2         PD5-48
68000          PD6-60
251715-01      PD6-48S
391078-01      PS-44
M41256         PZ-16
xxxxx          PR9-12     (9*12 pins)

Your opinion please.

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