Re: C= IC's (3)

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-07 20:54:18

> C128D-MC would be C128DCR, and the C64-II would be a C64E.

I always thought the C-64II was officially named 64C. At least, that's
what's written on mine's bottom label. Someone in Italy named it 64PC or
64 Personal Computer from its right bottom label.

> > Partnumber  Chipcode    Contents                     Address     Used in
> > 251025-01               RF MODULATOR                             C64

If it's from my list, it surely is PAL. All chips and parts from my list
are to be considered as being PAL.

> > 251916-01               RF MODULATOR                             C128
> The same as to the other modulator applies. Is this the same as in
> C64-II?

Side note: a friend of mine had a 64C made in Japan with the second
revision of the main board (large type, less chips) instead of the third
(small type). In some late 64 (and maybe 64G) it also happened the
opposite, as from a German magazine of the Eighties. So, the mainboard
revision should be taken as better reference instead of the model name.
Commodore folks used to be _very_ flexible about parts mixage (hence the
64G, the "Alvi" 64 and such).

Folklore note: if you can spot two 1.3 A500 with the same color
combination of Power LED, Drive LED and Caps Lock LED, let me know! :-)
Extra bonus if they have the same 3.5" disk drive model inside and same
Power LED behaviour (off, or just darker, when audio filter off)... :-)))

> > 318072-01               GARY (floppy and misc. logic)            A500
> > 318072-02               GARY (floppy and misc. logic)            A500
> These should be revisions of the 5719? And while I don't know much about
> Amigas, thought floppy was covered by a CIA and the Paula chip.

Gary takes care of something about the floppy, and cooperates with Agnus
in RAM addressing. I have a (poorly designed) internal RAM expansion
for the A500 that needed to take out GARY, place a small daughterboard on
its socket and place GARY itself on the daughterboard.
A friend of mine had fried his A500's parallel port, and he simply
swapped the CIAs to check if one was faulty (it was). The floppy still
worked. As far as I can remember, the CIAs take care of the serial and
parallel ports only.

> > 604010-07               PCB ASSY MOTOR CTRL.                     1541C
> see LAG570.

You look knowing a lot about the 1541. Is there around any modification
schematic to add a second drive (as #8, unit 1) to that appliance? Thank
you in advance.


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