Re: C= IC's (2)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-04 10:20:19

William Levak wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Dec 100 wrote:
> > >            325340-03       6500/1 CPU for 1520
> >
> > You mean that this is the original 6500, the 6800-pincompatible 6502?
> I got this information from a Commodore Parts list.  I don't have a 1520
> and can't confirm it.

I have a 1520, and I remember it has a 40pin CPU whose type number I
didn't recognize. There was no mention of a 65xx CPU on it, only the
part number. 

The 6500/1 should be some sort of a microcontroller, not a simple CPU.
This makes sense, since the 1520 has virtually no other components
except that MPU. A datasheet of the 6500/1 should be on funet, I think I
saw it there. Now I wonder if it is possible to read the internal ROM of
that chip? For this purpose one of Ruud's loose chips would be nice, so
I don't have to desolder the one from my plotter. I think I'll have a
look at the datasheet to see if the ROM is readable from outside.

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