Re: C= IC's (2) + SFD-1001 + mouse

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 2000-12-04 00:58:23

Hi all!

>            901885-01       8050 6530-47 RIOT DOS 2.7 Micropolis
>                            (This doesn't look right.  I have 901885-04
>                             for the 6530-47)

Well, this is strange. I have an earlier one (901483-03), but I checked
the service manual and it only mentions the 901885-04.

All in all: I'm willing to part with one of my SFD-1001 drives that I
don't need. It is fully functional (and quite clean), except for a
defect 6530. I tried it, and it worked with the above custom 6530 from
my 8050 (the SFD doesn't make use of the custom ROM in the 6530, it
should work with most (if not all) custom 6530 versions)). So if the
chip above is really a custom 6530, and if Ruud kept one for this
purpose, someone could have a working SFD drive.

I'm willing to give it for free, for the postaging fee or for some chips
or something... I don't know. Drop me a letter if you're interested.
Please note that I'd probably ship the drive next year January or so
(lotsa work at the end of the year, looking for a decent job and
lodgings etc...).

And another: some guys contacted me if I also produce and sell my serial
mouse interface board. I haven't planned so, but I have some spare
boards and I can also manufacture some more if it's needed. ...One
problem is still left, however: I don't really want to order PIC16F84s
from RET (my usual source of components) since they're expensive there:
more than HUF 3000 per piece (one could purchase a full featured 40-pin
Atmel AVR microcontroller for that price). If I receive at least 4-5
orders, I'll order chips from ChipCad Hungary, the official Microchip
distributor where I can get those chips for about HUF 1500 each. ...So,
drop me a letter if you're interested. Final price could be around HUF
4000 + postaging (about 1000-1500 if I'm right), or +1500 if I have to
order from RET. The same applies here: I can probably ship the devices
next year January (or February in the worst case).

(One USD is around HUF 310-320).

Best regards,

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