Re: C= IC's (2)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-03 12:29:00

William Levak wrote:
>            251828-03       (I have information on the -01(40 pin) and -02
>                            (42 pin) versions.  How does the -03 differ?)

It's also 40 pin, but other than that I don't know.

>            251829-01       1541C/1570/1571 small 20 pin gate array

Should also be in the 1551 (IIRC first drive with above gate array duo
and the hybrid chip). In later drives with the square R/W chip the small
gate array was not needed anymore, this is the 1571cr and the 1541-II.

>            325572-01       1541 20 pin gate array {short board)

Isn't this 40 pin?

> 901438-01  6550            1K*1 SRAM, original PET(these are very rare!)

I thought they were 1k*4? Must be so, cause my 2001 has 8kB and 16 of

>            68766           Motorolla 8K*8 EPROM (definitely pin compatible
>                            with 2364.  I use them for that purpose.)

Are either of these still available from somewhere? From time to time I
could really use those, because in the SX64 the Eprom has often been
replaced with a standard C64 ROM. And the new owners want it to be in
original condition of course. And since ROM-EPROM adaptors are not
easily available anymore as well, I normally end up making my own socket
adaptor from two or three precision sockets. It takes a while, but looks
pretty good. Still the proper Eprom would be better. I even have a
programmer now that can handle them.

I just remembered the Atari part number in Ruud's list, and just looked
up something: I have an old CBM 3022 printer that has chips with Atari
like part number installed: instead of the two 6532 it has two "MOS
CO-10750 2578" installed. It seems MOS made those for Atari, but too
many and Commodore put them into printers instead. I also got a phone
call from someone recently who told me quite excited that his 8250LP
doesn't have 6532 installed. It also had the "Atari" chips. I wonder
what 65xx equivalent Ruud's chips have.


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