Re: 1540 ROM (Re: C= IC's)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-11-30 20:32:20

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> How about this (from memory):
> 0 OPEN1,8,15,"UI":POKE53265,11
> 1 GET#1,A$:PRINTA$;:ON-(ST=0)GOTO1:CLOSE1:POKE53265,27
> I asked the question, because the 1540 ROM archived on FUNET has such a
> weird power-on message.  The checksum is correct.

The message is also correct, the drive reports itself as V170. The POKEs
in your program are also correct, but instead I chose my favourite DOS
wedge to read the error channel. So the rumors that a 1540 will work
with a C64 that has the screen switched off are also true.

BTW, a while ago I had a discussion with someone about the bug in the
1541 that causes empty sectors to get that 4B 01 01 ... pattern. We were
guessing at what time that bug was introduced, and if the 1540 and 2031
also have that bug. In my opinion the 2031 should also be affected,
since it was the first drive with single processor code in there. But I
don't have a 2031 and I didn't check it on the 1540 yet. I'm going to do
it on VICE's emulated 2031 right now :-)


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