Re: 1540 ROM (Re: C= IC's)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-11-30 17:47:26

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> > 1540 $e000-$ffff ROM.  When you put this into a 1541, does it say
> > "73,CBM DOS V2.6 V170,00,00"?
> No need to do that, I have a real 1540 drive with that chip now. Last
> time I tried to read the error channel it didn't work (i.e. crashed
> after a few characters), but that was because I used a C64 and was too
> lazy to look up the screen disable POKE.

How about this (from memory):

0 OPEN1,8,15,"UI":POKE53265,11
1 GET#1,A$:PRINTA$;:ON-(ST=0)GOTO1:CLOSE1:POKE53265,27

I asked the question, because the 1540 ROM archived on FUNET has such a
weird power-on message.  The checksum is correct.


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