Re: 1540 ROM (Re: C= IC's)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-11-30 22:58:32

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> BTW, a while ago I had a discussion with someone about the bug in the
> 1541 that causes empty sectors to get that 4B 01 01 ... pattern. We were
> guessing at what time that bug was introduced, and if the 1540 and 2031
> also have that bug. In my opinion the 2031 should also be affected,
> since it was the first drive with single processor code in there. But I
> don't have a 2031 and I didn't check it on the 1540 yet. I'm going to do
> it on VICE's emulated 2031 right now :-)

Oops, the 2031 from VICE creates properly formatted disks. Now I have to
check that 1540 ...

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