Star Commander v 0.81 buggy & Max games

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-10-15 05:08:08

I had just discovered the the v.81 version of Star Commnader can be
pretty buggy.  For the past evening I was having probalems getting a
reliable image to come out of it using a Compaq 386 and an X1541 cable. 
For the most part the image was fine but within the images single bytes
were mangled (I believe in a pattern, recalling the cable ML I was
converting...)  regardless of that Peter Barton confirmed my problems
when he posted on Comp.sys.cbm as he was also using a 486 clone and was
having similar problems.  He found the solution in Star Commander .82
beta and it worked for me as well.

So if you have been getting unsuccessful emulations from your SC made
disks, it may be from SC and not the emulator (as I said the mangled
bytes are spaced out so it could run for a bit before locking the
emulator).  I suggest going with v82, since it is beta it may not be
wise to post it on your sites, but at least give a heads up to those who
download .81 that it may not work on some machines well.  :/

Larry Anderson

:::> now I can re-.d64 my assembers disk and see if Merlin 64 and EA
really do work on an emulator...

Oh, while doing this I found that disk that has MAX cartridge games on
it with a menu driven MAX booter, it may prove interesting if you are
doing Max research, or interesting to see the lame possibly beta version
of Wizard of Wor on it (makes Archon III look good!)  E-mail me and I'll
send you the image.

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