Re: CBM 900 info posted

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-09-06 10:31:22

Bo Zimmerman wrote:
> the supposed workstation 512K number.  Also, I discovered that my video card
> is marked "LR" (for Low-Resolution presumably).  This is also a feature
> supposedly attributable to the server only.  Lastly, there is not an 8563
> video chip in sight anywhere.

Many thanks for the great pictures and the chip list, Bo! The LR video
board obviously uses a normal Hitachi 68B45 video chip, so my guess is
that the 8563 was used on the HR (high-resolution) board of the
workstation machine. Do you know someone who owns a 900 workstation?
Maybe the guy who sold you this 900 server? I'd really like to know
about the HR video board :-)

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