CBM 900 info posted

From: Bo Zimmerman (bo_zimmerman_at_webiqinc.com)
Date: 2000-09-06 00:10:18


	I had my CBM 900 apart last night to photograph and generally gather
information that may be interesting to other Commies. In addition to
motherboard shots, I also made a chip-list similar to the one I did for the
8280.  Anyways, the URL is:


	After closer inspection, I'm sincerely skeptical of the "Workstation" label
on the front of the machine.  My unit has a full meg of memory as opposed to
the supposed workstation 512K number.  Also, I discovered that my video card
is marked "LR" (for Low-Resolution presumably).  This is also a feature
supposedly attributable to the server only.  Lastly, there is not an 8563
video chip in sight anywhere.

   I just wish I could get the damn power supply to work so I could PLAY
with it.  Sigh.  That's tough to do when you don't even know the proper

  - Bo

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