Re: Alternat BLOCK-xxxx formats

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-09-04 14:14:31

On Mon, 4 Sep 100 wrote:

> The first command I gave was PRINT#15,"U1";2;0;18;1 and this ended alright. 
> The altrnatives are 
> PRINT#15,"U1:"2;0;18;1
> PRINT#15,"UA:"2;0;18;1  and
> PRINT#15,"U1:2;0;18;1"
> The last one is the one causing trouble saying 70,NO CHANNEL,0,0.

The correct syntax is "U1:2 0 18 1".  That is roughly what the above two
commands are translating to as well.  I'm not sure whether the BASIC
interpreter adds "cursor right" codes (ctrl-]) after the numbers in this

> I think the trouble is that the number "2" is interpreted a character,
> not as number.

Nope.  In that case the first two commands should read "U1:"+CHR$(2)+...;


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