Directory versus load
Date: 2000-08-13 18:09:08

Hallo allemaal,

I was doing again some research for my PC-IEEE interface. By tapping the 
IEEE-bus with my LPT-port, I could read the signals exchanged by my 8032 and 
4040. But all the characters were preceeded by the three characters "_", "H", 
and "'" ($5F, $48 and $60).

As I was not sure how to interpred the above, I used the command load"$pc*",8 
instead of the usual directory. BIG suprise !!! The three characters were gone 
and I could read the bytes as I was used to with X1541.

Until now I thought that directory was translated to load"$",8. But it seems 
not to be true, at least for the IEEE-drives. Can anybody tell me more about 
this?  In this case I was thinking of you Andre, because you must have run into 
this with VICE.

Groetjes, Ruud 

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