Re: Commodore Data Transfer

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-08-13 14:15:34

Dear Samuel,

I'm sorry that my answer has been delayed this much, but my work has kept
me extremely busy, and I think I was on vacation when your first message

There are several solutions to your problem (transferring BASIC 4 programs
from a PET 8032 tape to a PC compatible).  One is prlink, a program
written by me.  You need to build a cable that connects the 8032 user port
to a PC parallel port.  Then, you must type in a small BASIC program on
the 8032 that you will use to transfer a small machine language program
from the PC.  Then, you load a program from the tape and make a suitable
memory dump of the PET to the PC with prlink.  It's a bit complicated, but
the program cannot transfer tape files directly - only via a memory dump.

Another alternative is that you build an IEEE-488 cable and run a disk
drive emulator on the PC.  This should be the simplest way - you won't
need any software on the PET.  I'm not familiar with these things, but I
think Andre Fachat or someone else has developed such a system.  It is
freely available as well.

It is also possible to capture printer data to the PC, but it requires a
special cable and some software, which you probably would have to write

I'm sending a copy of this message to the cbm-hackers mailing list, in
case someone has more ideas or can elaborate on the IEEE-488 thing.

Best regards,

	Marko Mäkelä

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