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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 12:32:38 +0200
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> On 2017-06-29, at 21:29, wrote:
> i did that too - its pretty easy to make IDA output code that can be assembled 
> with your favourite assembler (either with a simple script or by adding a 
> custom output format to the cpu module - for that you need the PRO one with 
> SDK though)

I understand. And I don't argue it's value. I guess it is well worth the price they're asking but without being able to evaluate it (sorry - the evaluation version is a poor joke) there is no way for me to pay the non-trivial sum.

>>> That's why I often use da65 from the cc65 package.
>> I used to use it too. And still use it for smaller things but I remember
>> what kind of PITA it was to create the "infofiles" when something bigger
>> needed to be disassembled.
> have a look at nostalgias "regenerator" - it has many of IDAs features and 
> produces code that can be assembled with 64tass (iirc). (you might need WINE 
> to run on linux)

I spent some time but didn't have much success running it with wine/mono so I eventually gave up and installed all the ".NET" stuff in my virtual Windows machine. Although it still feels highly "unpolished" to me, it seems in fact to be going in the direction I'd be envisioning myself. Might be good once they move to something cross-platform. Mono at least.

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