Re: Disassembler preference?

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 21:29:34 +0200
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On Thursday 29 June 2017, 21:17:50 wrote:
> > You can find IDA FW 4.1 by searching for the file on the
> > web. I also used (v3.7) some times.
> > 
> > The latest FW version is available here:
> >
> All those seem to be DOS or whatever .EXE files. For me this means running
> it in a virtual machine, which I'd prefer to avoid.

there is a linux version as well (even OSX iirc) - but none of the free ones 
has that, right. i wouldnt recommend the free ones either, they are too 
limited and outdated, imho.

> > Having said all this: While IDA is a very powerfull tool, sometimes it
> > is better to use the disassembler which is given with the assembler you
> > are using yourself. That is, if do not want to look into the code, but
> > also to create an assembleable version (for your own modifications), you
> > might be better off using the disassembler which comes with your
> > assembler.
> The keyword here is "also" - that's exactly what I need it for.

i did that too - its pretty easy to make IDA output code that can be assembled 
with your favourite assembler (either with a simple script or by adding a 
custom output format to the cpu module - for that you need the PRO one with 
SDK though)

> > That's why I often use da65 from the cc65 package.
> I used to use it too. And still use it for smaller things but I remember
> what kind of PITA it was to create the "infofiles" when something bigger
> needed to be disassembled.

have a look at nostalgias "regenerator" - it has many of IDAs features and 
produces code that can be assembled with 64tass (iirc). (you might need WINE 
to run on linux)


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