Does anyone have CP/M disk images that are not already on

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 14:48:51 -0500
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Hi, All,

I'm wrapping up a fun little project and one of the details to nail
down is why this CP/M program from 1979 runs on some versions of CP/M
3.0 Plus and not others.  In particular, I get completely successful
operation from the versions on that say they are from "1
AUG 85", but the ones from 8 DEC 85 and 28 MAY 87 do not work.
Specifically, the game asks for user input with a BDOS 10 call (read
buffered input) and on the oldest version, it works, but on the newer
versions, the query text gets printed (BDOS 2 call), the cursor is in
the right place, but keystrokes (including ^C) are not recognized.
This same game runs perfectly fine on a number of CP/M emulators and
CP/M 2.2 (it would have been originally shipped with CP/M 1.4 since
2.2 is really a 1980 product).

I've written a short utility to test the BDOS 10 call and so far, it's
failing to fail.  Pity.  It's so much easier when things break the way
they are supposed to.  I'm still digging for why this app runs on some
versions and not others.  I suspect something may have changed with
the BDOS 10 call and I'm just not finding it in the docs.

So for now, I'm looking for other examples of bootable CP/M 3.0 Plus
disk images so I can tighten the bounding box about what works and
what does not work.

It goes without saying that any new images should end up on too.



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