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Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 23:07:36 -0500
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On 7/31/2016 8:41 PM, Clockmeister wrote:
> On 30/07/2016 9:20 AM, Jim Brain wrote:
>> On 7/29/2016 4:43 PM, Terry Raymond wrote:
>>> Hey Jim,
>>> With the C64DTV was the 6510 exactly like the original so the game 
>>> code had to be altered slightly so they would run?
>> I do not think she ended up supporting all of the illegal opcodes. 
>> But, I think code had to be tweaked to account for the lack of a 
>> keyboard, getting back to the main menu, the different storage 
>> mechanism, and I think a few video tricks were not supported either, 
>> so had to have tweaked code.  Robin did the work, so he's better to 
>> answer.
>> It's a shame the project was so closed, so to speak, as I am sure 
>> Jeri learned a lot from making the design, and none of it was 
>> published (And now, it's been too long)
> I heard at some point quite some time ago Jeri looked into acquiring 
> the unused ASICS to make some sort C64 compatible BASIC stamp kind of 
> device but I don't think anything came of it.
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I heard she got a box of the dies, but that's the last I heard.

Jim Brain

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