Re: THE 64 - Computer and Handheld Console

From: Derrik Walker v2.0 <>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 21:30:40 -0400
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On 04/23/2016 04:57 PM, Jim Brain wrote:
> Given the recent Coleco fiasco, I know many are not optimistic about 
> this project.  When I saw the project, specs had not been noted. IF it 
> is indeed an ARM-based unit, I think many will question the utility of 
> a design that can probably be replicated with a RPI3, a KeyRah, and a 
> gutted C64 case.
> Jim

Coleco fiasco?  I missed that one. But I will say, I do have the Coleco 
flashback in my flashback collection.  It's pretty cool.

-- Derrik

Derrik Walker v2.0, RHCE

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