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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 18:51:35 -0400
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I bought 12 of those a couple years back, UNLESS they are fixed 
nothing would work on the I/02 DF00.

I discovered it while helping Vanessa test a stereo SID board.

I sent an email letting the maker know of this problem, never heard 
back from him. The adapters were like $13 each at the time.

  -- My Email to Antonio Gossner on 4/4/2010

 >Hello Antonio,
 >I was playing with a Stereo SID board. I have it wired up for IO1 - 
Pin7 and IO2 - Pin10 on the Expansion
 >port with a 2 Position Toggle Switch. When I run it on DE00 - IO1, 
it works perfect, When I try DF00 - IO2, I get nothing. I put in a STOCK
 >PLA and all works perfect. >
 >Just wanted to let you know of this..
 >Have a good one and thanks again..

>On 26/04/2015 6:15 AM, wrote:
>>>>Any idea of a vendor of PLA replacement for C64 ?
>>>I will soon have one in the store.  It uses a 5V xc9536 Xilinx 
>>>part, and the Verilog has delays to approximate the PLA delays.  I 
>>>have them, but need to test them.
>>Great news! Could you shed some more light? Did you make your own 
>>from scratch or is it based on any of the previous ones?
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