Re: PLA replacement for C64

From: Clockmeister <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 07:29:34 +0800
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On 26/04/2015 6:51 AM, Daniel V. Mackey wrote:
> At 06:22 PM 4/25/2015, you wrote:
> I bought 12 of those a couple years back, UNLESS they are fixed 
> nothing would work on the I/02 DF00.
> I discovered it while helping Vanessa test a stereo SID board.
> I sent an email letting the maker know of this problem, never heard 
> back from him. The adapters were like $13 each at the time.

Thanks for that, that's interesting to know.
After a few attempts with different EPROMs I did get an EPROM PLA 
working years ago. It all seems OK  for general use but I'm not 
confident that it works 100% with all hardware either.
I don't know anything about the Xilinx CPLD XC9536 but if this device is 
reprogrammable and there has been an firmware (JED?) update to address 
these issues, could the earlier version be updated assuming the hardware 
is the same?

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