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From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-07-21 04:00:37

Hi guys... my two cents worth on the topic...

Some of you may know about my 64HDD project... the next on the list is USB64
which would hope to add such features....

The concept I propose adopting is that the PC which hosts the
software/hardware is responsible for everything allowing standard DOS
networking drivers to do all the work... The CBM machine knows (or cares)
nothing about this unless it needs to... other ethernet machines
send/receive data from the "USB64" box without the CBM doing anything (all
done in the PC box)... when the CBM needs data it gets it via the IEC serial
link using by openning a channel and using get# (or put# to send....)

The USB64 box can handle responses to being Pinged etc.... and hold-off
other internet requests until the CBM has chosen to communicate....

Anyway... all theory at the moment.... but in my way of thinking it would
save a lot of trouble on the CBM interfacing and protocol support.... it
also means any Ethernet card with a DOS driver would work.

- Nick

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> Anyone following comp.sys.cbm will have seen a recent thread on Commodore
> networking. Some jumped up little American sysadmin has started making a
> lot of noise about the idea of Ethernet on a CBM machine, as well as being
> rather rude about certain peoples' software. Anyway, hysterics aside, what
> do cbm-hackers think about the viability of native Ethernet on the C64?
> I've often thought of an NE2000 - C64 adapter much like my Soundblaster
> adapter design, but I've always been put off by the sheer quantity of
> protocol required by TCP/IP and the fact that a machine running at 1MHz is
> really going to have a hard time keeping up with Ethernet data coming in
> at 10Mbit/s.
> What do other people think of this? The only way I can possibly see it
> working is by running the NE2000 with an REU, so you can use the DMA
> controller to handle the NE2000's DMA requests (with a little bit of
> software to set up the transactions). Even then you still have the
> possibility of Ethernet data coming in far quicker than the C64 can
> process it.
> Any thoughts?
> Richard
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