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From: André Fachat (
Date: 2000-07-20 19:12:58

> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 wrote:
> You can already connect the C64 to e.g. a Linux box using SLIP.  If you
> I think that a simple ad-hoc network is a better idea.  If you want some
> more challenge in the implementation, make all nodes equal and have them
> automatically detect the network topology and figure out node addresses.
> You could add e.g. a PC to that network via a custom interface, if you
> want to have a file server or such.

I once wanted to build an RS485-based (similar to RS232, only multiple
nodes can be on the same wire - bus topology - but collisions have to be
detected or some token has to be passed) but the issues with collision
detection etc were too much then (actually more hardware-side this time)

I had planned to make GeckOS/A65 multi-processor by using this network,
where all interprocess communication (where I have a process number
of 0-255, but only up to 16 processes on one machine) would be masked
by separating a process ID into a node part (upper 4 bits) and the 
process number on that node the lower 4 bits.
This way processes would communicate via standard interprocess comm.

But, hey, so many ideas and so little time... :-(


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