RE: Ethernet
Date: 2000-07-20 16:35:48

>Forgive my ignorance, but can't incoming data be cached until the computer

>can process it?
>- Bo

It's not the caching that the problem, but the monitoring and responding (i.e.
keeping up with your neighbors the Pentiums).

Ok, what sort of real estate are we talking here, 8k 16k for the drivers?  I
myself would prefer an alternate that lessens the load on the computer itself.
 Then if you want cross-platform compatibility, make it RS-232 interfaceable...

The main question is would there be any processing cycles left to 'enjoy' ethernet
on the 64?  And if so, then comes the problem of what NOS you will use, because
ultimately people would want to move fies and other data between platforms with
it... or more than likely - route onto the internet with it.
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