Re: Transfer C64 data & progs to PC (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-01 16:15:54

Jacob Dahl Pind wrote:
> Try Prlink thats quite good, and only needs a simple cable running from
> the parallel port to the userport.

I use the following method to create or restore 8050 and 8250 disk
images (d80 and d82 as supported by the VICE emulators), or even single
files from such a disk:

I have a 8250LP hooked up to my C64 via an IEEE488 interface. The C64 is
hooked up to the PC with the PC64 cable. The prlink package will allow
to transfer disk images or single files via such a setup, the C64 acts
only as a server to forward data between the PC and the drive. prlink is
available from funet, for DOS, Linux, and even for the Amiga. It will
work with any diskdrive, and even with almost every 8bit Commodore
computer. It is a little bit tricky to install and configure, though. I
had especially much trouble with the Linux version, but the most recent
version doesn't exist for DOS. 


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