Re: Transfer C64 data & progs to PC (fwd)

From: Jacob Dahl Pind (
Date: 2000-06-01 01:40:31


>I'm in Adelaide South Australia. I'm trying to get data off my C64 and onto 
>a PC. I have a Commodore 8250LP disk drive which has an IEEEE interface and 
>uses a Leading Edge Cartridge. This possibly sounds like I know what I'm 
>doing.......... but I don't. My problem is that I don't know how to get my 
>data into the format for my PC to understand. I've been told that this has 
>been done, beit many years ago. I think they use Null modems or whatever.

Gee, the only way is to get a rs232 interface or build somekind of net 
between the pc and 64. You can`t use starcomander as it only supports
the iec serial device diskdrives, and besides the 8250 uses a very strange
format storing 1mb on a doubel sidet DD 5 1/4.
Try Prlink thats quite good, and only needs a simple cable running from 
the parallel port to the userport.

Regards Jacob Dahl Pind

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