Re: CBM network filestore

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2000-06-01 17:35:47

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> All this talk of CIA burst modes has reminded me of my CIA network
> protocol. I've been thinking about how to serve http using Commodore
> deviecs, and the best idea I came up with was a serial link between one

There is a http server coming with my GeckOS operating system for the
C64, and
it supports the 9600 baud userport RS232 and ACIA-based devices.
I used to have a c64 on the internet, but it is not fully debugged
and it crashed after a few requests/days... :-(

> Anyway, for those that know Apache, how easy would it be to get Apache to
> divert requests for a particular directory subtree
> (eg. to another Linux application? This would

I think you could easily setup a directory to serve dynamic content
from a cgi-bin program, and then have that cgi-bin prog connect to
the C64.

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