Re: C64G - trivial

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-05-28 11:14:26

>Richard Atkinson wrote:
>> I've been studying my C64Gs recently and they intrigued me. Does anyone
>> know the approximately dates when they were sold?

i recall seeing adverts for it during  the autumn of 89-90 - as i recall
the ad stressed it as  a games machine , i was too poor to have considered
buying one and i was deep into the learning curve of my 8032 ;->  ( that
one you saw in hallway ! ) to consider mere games ......
thinking back on it - it was mentioned in some cheap ( games emphasised ?)
type mag that had comic strip tutorial on BASIC , i think it was some
mention of a drastic price cut in them to a level that was still out of my
reach at time , looking back on it now it would've been a clear out
marketing tactic .

speaking of out of reach - i've moved the 710 from it's long term store to
almost ready use store and i was starting to get organised for photo's etc
when my camera stopped working - if only everything in life was as reliable
as an 8032 ! .


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