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From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-05-27 22:24:26

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> I've been studying my C64Gs recently and they intrigued me. Does anyone
> know the approximately dates when they were sold? One of mine has chips
> from 1988, so they must have been among the first BN/E board computers
> sold, whereas I thought they came much later.

I think they were released in '89, while the first C64E were released in
end of '87, with chip dates from the beginning of '87. All C64Gs I've
seen have the rev 4 board, while the earlier "Aldi" machines have the
rev 3 board. 

> slightly different character set. Does anyone else on the list have a C64G
> to confirm these observations?

I have three or four of them, and all have the usual, C16-like port
names printed on the back. I just recently got another C64G from a
dumpster, and it has some internal modifications to the case: there are
some molded mounts to support the keyboard, which saves four screws ;-)

The C16-like port names came much earlier to the C64: I have a late C64A
which already has the same port names. All low-profile brown breadboxes
in Germany look that way, the C64G is just a white version of it. I've
seen US and UK made low-profile breadboxes, they don't have the port
names on them. Also, they have different screws, obviously larger than
the ones from German machines. 

> All in all, a rather good-looking machine. I've built some user port

I don't like the new keyboard with the graphical symbols on top. Most
C64Cs also have it :-(


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