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From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 2000-05-29 06:22:02

ken ross wrote:
> >Richard Atkinson wrote:
> >> I've been studying my C64Gs recently and they intrigued me. Does anyone
> >> know the approximately dates when they were sold?
> i recall seeing adverts for it during  the autumn of 89-90 - as i recall
> the ad stressed it as  a games machine , i was too poor to have considered
> buying one and i was deep into the learning curve of my 8032 ;->  ( that
> one you saw in hallway ! ) to consider mere games ......

The April 1990 issue of Zzap! 64 mentioned rumours of a
cartridge based C64 console in the news section.  Sadly, I
don't have another issue of Zzap! until the February 1991
issue, where the C64 Shadow of the Beast cart is given
glowing reviews - several ads in the magazine mention games
released for the C64 and C64GS.  I'd figure it was probably
released in mid-late 1990.
Robin Harbron
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