RS-232 for PET/CBM ?

From: Jarkko Hermanni Teppo (
Date: 2000-05-19 11:52:03

Hello all!
I\'ve been trying to search the net for schematics for
an RS-232 converter for CBM-200 (8032SK) or 8296-D but
all I have found are for the C-64. So, does anyone
have any reasonably simple schematics + some sort
of a simple terminal program ? I guess it would be done
via the user port + a few uarts but beyond that I\'m lost...

I\'ve once seen(!) an RS-232 converter that used the IEEE488
bus but I guess it was meant for printers. 

The terminal program need not be fancy, all I\'m looking
for is text in, text out and maybe a few control codes so
I could roll my own termcap entry.

ps. Went to the local junk shop today and picked up an
8250 M for approx. $1.00...
Jarkko Teppo
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