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From: Jason Whitener (
Date: 2000-05-19 06:33:57

I'm not sure if this is the type info you're after, but I believe there was
a US program from Mark Dickenson(the guy who wrote Stereo Sid Player that
plays US sid files).  It was called Raw player, but I'm not sure if it
converted .wav files or .iff files.  I know it convert several different
digitized formats including Mac, Amiga, and Pc, but beyond that I'm not sure
of the benefit.  I know there were several different digitizing editors
available from different groups over the years, but I think for the most
part they were built for specific digitizers(ie. home built jobs).  Don't
know if that will help or not, but it was a cool program.  The best sample
was the complete speech from Sean Connery from the beginning of Highlander
I.  The program had to load the sample in sections into a REU and swap the
banks out as it went, but it was smooth as silk.

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> Hi all, (sorry for late reply but my email server was down 11/5 - 17/5)
> thanks for the info Marko, could you explain how though I would play the
> 4bit sample? I just don't know enough about the SID - I can program
> but digital sounds?  Is it just a case of volume modulation?
> - Nick

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