Re: Bit copy

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-01-22 18:42:22 wrote:
> Copy the data directly from port A while monitoring the signals for the
> steppingmotor, the "SYNC"- and "Byte ready"-signal at the same time. The only
> thing you have to do is to write a little PRG that does nothing else then
> turning on the diskmotor and moving the head in/outwards on command.

Hallo Ruud,

someone else had that idea before, it is the "disksucker" project. It's
just a normal copier, but Wolfgang Moser worked on expanding it to a
full featured GCR reader. But he didn't have success so far. I don't
know where to download the disksucker right now, but you can reach Womo

And many thanks for the VIC20 memory cart, it arrived a few days ago. I
didn't have a chance to play with it, but I recognized that it uses only
4bit wide DRAM ;-)


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