Re: C128D Floppy Drive Controller

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 2000-01-22 15:48:14

One day William Levak wrote:
> Below is all the information I have been able to figure out on the 5710
> controller in the C128D floppy drive.

I wonder if some useful information may be at Miklos Garamszeghy's site.

Miklos is a CP/M guru, and author of Jugg'ler 128 and Scamb'ler 128, both
originally commercial packages, and recently released publicly.

His site:

Following, some of the headings at the site:

Intro to C-128 CP/M 
           Internal CCP Commands 
           External Utilities 
           The Console 
           The Disk System 
                CP/M Disk Format Details
           Customizing C-128 CP/M 
           C-128 CP/M Memory Map 

      Programming the 1571 disk drive: 

           Intro to the 1571 drive 
           BASIC Disk Commands 
           The 1571 Disk Operating System 
           Effective Use of Files 
           Intro to Burst Mode 
           Burst Read Protocol 
           Burst Write Protocol 
           Burst Mode and BASIC 
           Auto Booting on C-128 
           Formatting MFM Disks 
           Batch File Programming 

       Above documentation in GZip format 

      Some of our C-128 CP/M software: 

           Jugg'ler 128 (support for more than 140 types of CP/M disks) 
           Scamb'ler 128 (disk encryption program) 
           C-128 CP/M Hacker's Toolkit (misc. system utilities) 
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