Bit copy
Date: 2000-01-21 22:08:43

Hallo allemaal,

Does a bitcopier exist for the PC/1541 using a X1541/XP1541-cable?

If not, I'm playing with the following idea:
Copy the data directly from port A while monitoring the signals for the 
steppingmotor, the "SYNC"- and "Byte ready"-signal at the same time. The only 
thing you have to do is to write a little PRG that does nothing else then 
turning on the diskmotor and moving the head in/outwards on command. 
At a higher level the PC could steer the stepping motor and taking control of
the frequency-bits PB5 and PB6 itself.
This could all be done only using the LPT-port.

How does this sound?

Last time I asked if someone could do me a favour by reading a techi doc about 
the 1541. I only forgot to mention where you could find it:

Groetjes, Ruud

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