Re: Data storage cartridges software

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-01-20 08:41:33


Unfortunately I don't have any of the items you are looking for, but I'm
forwarding your question to the cbm-hackers mailing list in the hope that
someone could help you.  You could also try your luck in the comp.sys.cbm

By the way, where and how were your disks stored?  I haven't had any
problems with diskettes wearing out.  Recently I acquired a Honeywell
microSystem 6/10 (floor model) that hasn't been in use for about 14 years,
and the disks seem to be readable.


On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Hilton Uchoa wrote:

> Hi !
> I am trying to put my (6) Commodores back into service just for the
> fun of it. And they are FUN in this era of MEGA everything (GIGAS
> comming).
> All my disquettes are unusable after some 10 years of storage.
> I found a lot in your Web Page and am just waiting for a disquette of
> the Big Blue Reader a friend sent me to arrive so as I can use my
> dowloads.
> Besides basic software I am looking for some unusual stuff and any
> info as how or where to get it is welcome. I have the original
> disquettes of them all so I feel honest to ask for an upload without
> infringing any copyrights.
> This is what I am looking for BADLY:
> 1- Software that came with a SCINORT MICRO cartridge (it is a storage
> cartridge)
> 2- Software that came witha BROWN BOX cartridge          (idem)
> 3- ROBOTIC WORKSHOP Software (it is a kit of robotics with an
> interface for C-64)
> 4- FISCHERTECHNIK Computing Software         (idem)
> like it is German but the soft was in English.
> Any information on where to get them is welcome, ever a redirection to
> another Web page or a person mail address is usefull.
> Keep the good work. Lets save the Computing MEMORY alive !
> Hilton Uchoa

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