Re: puzip.c64 1.0

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-12-27 11:24:48

>     Need that "easy stuff" (D71 and D81) PLEASE! :)

I have modified gunzip yesterday (and a bit before) to support
compressed D71 and D81. The gunzip page was also updated. So,
although the support is not so well tested, D71 and D81 should
be possible. (Select D64 for D71.)

D81 was tested from 1541->1581 and 1570->1581. And burst read
and write in the C128 version is a real speeder..

However, adding burst support may have caused some bugs like
in puzip when the C128 version did not close the input file in
standard read and closed it in burst read when it should've
been vice versa. This caused only the first file to be added
correctly. (A fixed version is on the page.)

So unless I already broke something, just use it..

And back to puzip: I think a useful feature would be to
compress disk images directly from disk.

"I said a year ago that this place was to be left alone until the time was
 right. That time has arrived. Now that I know the full capabilities of this
 place, I am prepared to place them at your disposal."
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