Re2: puzip.c64 1.0

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-12-26 18:36:08

puzip.c64  = cool prg !!- nice one albert !!!!
all i need now i a 3.5'' drive and life wil be a whole lot simpler - i've
tried it out and it gets an average compression ratio of around 65% on
BASIC prgs  that can be unzipped using errols smiths unzip64v2 so it seems
that pkzip will undo them as well in my mac -  what this prg means to me is
that creating lnx archives are over !! ,  i tested it using a 1570 drive
first then hooking up my c128 ( c64 mode ) to the 8250 drive( via sipod )
, on the 8250 i noticed when i tried to archive 44 files in one go it'd not
be able to find the 43rd & 44th
( perhaps just on 8250 ?)  - but creating zip'd archives archives with
slightly less files in was ok .
not got around to timing it yet in use but the speed seems reasonable .
we're getting closer to cross platform compatiblity folks !!
this'll make my work of 'project upload'  a  lot simpler by cutting out a
stage  in the process :->

>From: "Ojala Pasi 'Albert'" <>
>Subject: puzip.c64 1.0
>The first version of a ZIP archiver/compressor for C64 has
>been released. Currently available from
>until I create a separate page with documentation, sources
>and a c128 version.

Commodore Forever ;->

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