Re: puzip.c64 1.0

From: Gary Noakes (
Date: 1999-12-27 07:00:44

>    This is great! A local Commodore 128 BBS sysop was telling me that he
> would change over to the zip format (he uses lynx) if only there was a zip
> compressor for the C64/128. I told him maybe one day there will be (not

To say nothing of moving files from a Commodore to a PC without undergoing
the torture of renaming the Commodore files to the eight-dot-three format so
that I can use Little Red Reader. This is going to be a Godsend for me,
since I'm working on developing a website for Meeting 64/128 Users Through
the Mail. We plan to put all of the past newsletters and programs on the
site, and just the first four years about drove me nuts. Thank you very
much, Albert.


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