how i use 8050 mode on 8250 drive

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-12-07 01:38:26

>some months ago I asked for a method to put a 8250 drive into single
>sided 8050 mode, so it would also format disks in that mode.
>Yesterday I received a disk from Ken Ross containing the sipod link
>system files, this disk was formatted as 4040 on the first and as 8050
>on the second side.
>Then I found the file "8250-8050" on the 4040 side. Ken probably used it
>to format the 8050 disk, and it helped also for reading the disk. From
>now on the 8250 wouldn't report an error anymore when trying to read the
>8050 disk and uni-copy happily copied the files on the disk.
>For those interested, here's the program:
>   10 open 15,8,15
>   20 print#15,"m-w"chr$(172)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(1)
>   30 print#15,"m-w"chr$(195)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(0)
>   40 print#15 ,"u9"
>   50 close 15
>For me it looks like two memory locations are changed

how i use it - i've the 4040 daisy chained to 8250 so i run a number change
prg to alter the 4040 to 9 then switch off the 8250 for a second - it
reawakes as 8 then i run the 8250->8050 subroutine  to change it to  8050
and i'm off
or if the 4040 isn' t being used i just run the fipper before i do anything
else .
the 8250 will use 8050 disks but when first using them you've got to do the
load twice for the first time each disk  .
the routine only works on an 8250 - i'm not sure if it'l work on 1571 -
i'll try it next time i'm working on c128 .
i think the original flipper question was before i got online
the flipper routine was actually put onto the disk i sent by mistake which
just goes to show that the 8096 is smarter than everyone thinks !`

Commodore Forever ;->

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