Re: how i use 8050 mode on 8250 drive

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-12-07 13:09:53

ken ross wrote:
> the 8250 will use 8050 disks but when first using them you've got to do the
> load twice for the first time each disk  .

I also experienced that, and my guess is that this behaviour causes
problems with the copy program I tried.

> the routine only works on an 8250 - i'm not sure if it'l work on 1571 -
> i'll try it next time i'm working on c128 .

It won't work and it isn't needed at all. The 1571 already has a method
to detect single sided disks without producing errors and there are
commands to format a single sided disk as well. 

But the program should also work on an SFD1001, since it is like a 8250
that reports a drive not ready error on drive 1 all the time.

> i think the original flipper question was before i got online
> the flipper routine was actually put onto the disk i sent by mistake which
> just goes to show that the 8096 is smarter than everyone thinks !`

Mistake or not, thanks for that program! I really asked for something
like that before but nobody could help.

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