8050 mode on 8250 drive

From: Nicolas Welte (welte_at_chemie.uni-konstanz.de)
Date: 1999-12-05 12:38:32


some months ago I asked for a method to put a 8250 drive into single
sided 8050 mode, so it would also format disks in that mode.

Yesterday I received a disk from Ken Ross containing the sipod link
system files, this disk was formatted as 4040 on the first and as 8050
on the second side. To check the files on the 8050 side I wanted to copy
them back to a 1541 with uni-copy (from the 1541 demo disk), but that
program always quit with an error. This was probably due to the fact
that a 8250 always reports an error the first time it tries to read a
single sided disk. 

Then I found the file "8250-8050" on the 4040 side. Ken probably used it
to format the 8050 disk, and it helped also for reading the disk. From
now on the 8250 wouldn't report an error anymore when trying to read the
8050 disk and uni-copy happily copied the files on the disk.

For those interested, here's the program:

   10 open 15,8,15
   20 print#15,"m-w"chr$(172)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(1)
   30 print#15,"m-w"chr$(195)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(0)
   40 print#15 ,"u9"
   50 close 15

For me it looks like two memory locations are changed an then the drive
is warm started. 


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